I Sew & Sew, then Off to Mail I Go!

(Insert Snow White’s whistling dwarf buddies here…)

It has been a busy couple of weeks at Chez BellaZaria to say the least! Yesterday I finished sewing my 212th face mask to move me toward my next goal. This is a great way to redirect my emotional energy toward a meaningful project and away from the News for the majority of my days. I also joined the “Million Mask Challenge” community set up by Jan Brostek and her son, Connor, on his Sew-It-Online website. You can read more about my face mask donations and their Sew-a-Thon mission by clicking here.

Then a few days ago, I ventured out on my biweekly chore-run to drop off donations at UPS with packages headed to a few states in the U.S. & 3 Canadian provinces where it has been difficult for some people to purchase masks.

I’m taking it easy today to finish up my final local donation of the week before I have to jump into re-learning Algebra 2, so I can home teach my youngest daughter this weekend. Her ongoing migraines have been escalating with all the extra screen time of online learning, so we will need to be creative… this translates to ‘Mom needs to get the chalkboard out for some old-school engaging mathematical entertainment.’ And yes, I realize that is an oxymoron. If only School House Rock were here to help me… sigh. Alas, all I can remember is: Lolly-Lolly-Lolly, get your adverbs here… which she already has a pretty firm grasp on.

So for today, I’m back to my sewing machine and celebrating the small things, like getting ahead on my fabric batch cutting and finding a new TV series to binge while I snip threads & mold pipe cleaners into nose pieces. I’m just so grateful for my family’s health and so happy to be able to focus some time on being a blessing to other people. Have a great weekend, and wish me well with our studies! 🙂